1. Don’t talk about the lulabro code

  2. Read rule #1

  3. Lulabro’s don’t let other lulabro’s wear dresses

  4. Lulabro’s help other lulabro’s with shelving, software, photography advice.

  5. Anytime there is a misunderstanding between Lulabro’s it should be settled with a test of who can carry the most lularoe clothing 100 feet and back. Dropping any constitutes immediate loss.

  6. No matter what, under any circumstances, should a lulabro get in a fashion debate

  7. A Lulabro always keeps an eye out for his significant other’s unicorn(s)

  8. Never let another Lulabro/lulasister immediately use audrey after an update, bad things will happen

  9. The customary greeting between Lulabro’s is the fist bump

  10. When inducting a new lulabro to the group, one should always explain rule #1 and #2

  11. Skillfully recruit other Lulabros, some will be resistant but with proper explanations they’ll eventually wonder why they waited so long.

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